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Scrambled eggs, sausage and bacon, country potatoes and biscuits

OJ, Cranberry &V8


#2 Chili Verde and Enchiladas, salad, beans, rice and cookie platter

#3 Burritos (chicken and shredded beef) salad, rice and beans cookie platter

#4 Soft tacos chicken, beef and pork salad, rice, beans cookie platter

#5 Rice Bowl Broccoli beef & Sweet and sour chicken cookie platter

#6 Tri-tip florette, lemon chicken breast, mashed potatoes veggie blend green salad and roll

#7 Beef pot roast, chicken breast mush sauce, red potatoes, veggie blend, green salad and roll

#8 Beef and chicken kebobs, mashed potatoes, rice pilaf, green salad and roll

#9 Beef Medallions, chicken parm, mashed potatoes, veggie blend, green salad and roll

In house catering

BBQ Hot dogs and hamburgers

Potato and green salad

Three flavor lemon aid bar all condiments needed                                                                            $15 per person

Cold sandwich bar

Ham, turkey and cheese, bag of chips and whole fruit bowl Cookie platter and drink. All condiments included                                                                             $15 per person